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Feminist Flea Market & Craft Fair: Benefit for WOAR

60+ vendors and artists who identify as womn, whose identity includes womn, femmes, and those womn-aligned.
*to be clear: queer, butch, nonbinary, trans, ALL WELCOME*

@ Underground Arts | 02.02.19

more info can be found here. if you’re interested in vending, please click the button below & fill out the application.

About Us

House Cat is an independent event promotion & production company based in Philadelphia, PA. Founded in 2018 by Rebecca Aronow after her move from State College to Philly, House Cat curates inclusive, accessible, safer space events in an effort to combat the lack of representation and exclusivity in many music & art spaces. we also strive to support important social justice causes, both locally and nationally, through frequent charity & community events.


If you are an artist looking to be booked or are someone with an idea for an event - whether it be music, visual art, a benefit show, community gathering or anything in between & beyond - please fill out the form below or email rebecca@housecatpresents.com.

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