Our Policies

Policies & Accessibility


we want everyone to feel safe and be safe at our events. we also recognize that there is not necessarily one type of space that will be encountered as ‘safe' by all people. As such, we have outlined the following guidelines but encourage you to reach out to voice your opinions and experiences about our events - we are always here to listen.


harmful or oppressive behavior is not welcome at any of our events. This includes, but is not limited to, harassment, violence, violation of consent and any action that perpetuates racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and other systemic oppressions. *We reserve the right to remove any person from a bill or venue for creating an unsafe environment. intoxication will not be viewed as an excuse.


Artists and volunteers with a known history of sexual or discriminatory misconduct will not be given a second chance to be a part of our events unless they have undergone demonstrable rehabilitative counseling. Second chances are determined by house cat with guidance from the community.


please know that these policies apply to all members of our team as well. If you have any feedback about our events (before or after their occurrence) or have any information about inappropriate or unsafe behavior in our community, please email us at info@housecatpresents.com. all communication will be dealt with in confidence.


and if you feel unsafe at any point during an event, please email info@housecatpresents.com, message the House Cat Facebook page or come to the person working the door for help. 


We strive to keep ticket prices as low as possible to maintain the accessibility of our events - The majority of ticket profits go to the artists and venue and a portion goes back to House Cat to cover production and staffing costs. all Online ticketing fees are instated by our ticketing providers. for most house cat events, $0.50 of every ticket purchased is donated to a chosen organization that rotates approximately every month.


with that said, we understand that our tickets may still be priced too high for them to be affordable for everyone. if that's the case for you, please Contact tickets@housecatpresents.com before any event to request a pay-what-you-can ticket and we will do the best that we can to provide you with one. 


because we host events at various venues, information on accessibility will be clearly stated in every show's facebook event description. please email info@housecatpresents.com with any questions.